Social care

Most of our service users find relying on our carers for support and guidance relieving, relaxing and it gives them peace of mind.  This is because we help them deal with bills, keep in touch with relatives and friends or accompany them on trips away from home.

At Reigns Consultancy Health Care Agency we pride ourselves in best quality social care which is not rivalled.

Our services are personalised to suit your needs perfectly, ensuring that you receive the professional service you require and are comfortable and happy with.

Below is a list of the typical services we offer, through Social Care/Companionship. If you have a particular need that is not listed below, please do not hesitate to discuss with our Specialist Nurse:

  • Assisting in attending hospital appointments
  • Assisting in attending clubs, day care centres, or places of worship.
  • Assisting with participation in hobbies or exercises
  • Helping with correspondence
  • Helping with the collection of pension benefits
  • Assistance with paying bills.

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