Night care

Levels of Care

Our team offers two levels of night care services: waking nights and sleep-in nights. The Reigns Consultancy health care team assures that the night time pass with comfort through caring support.

Depending on your needs, we supply support worker or nurses to support you throughout the night to guarantee a comfortable and relaxed night.

Our health care professionals can be there throughout the night to ensure that if you need assistance to move about the house you do so safely, or alternatively just be there for reassurance that if you wake up during the night you are not alone.

We can support with positive night time routines such as bathing and domestic tasks e.g. changing bedding and night clothes. Evening meals and drinks can also be prepared if required. You will be involved in planning your night routine and adapted our services to suit your individual requirements.

Sleep-in night care

Our sleep-in night care service has been designed to promote confidence and independence for those who do not require complex or ongoing support throughout the night. Your sleep-in night carer will retire to an allocated bedroom once you are settled in bed and will be on hand should you need them at any time, thought it should not be more than 3 call disturbances in 1 night. For more than 3 call disturbances, waking night care is the more suitable service.

Waking night care

Our waking night service may be more suitable to your care needs if you require increased attention throughout the night or you are awake for an extended amount of time. Your carer will be awake and alert throughout the night, on hand for whatever you might require. Support will be provided for all your care needs, be it complex, social, companionship or safety needs.

You will be involved in all the decisions of your care, such as what time you want to be ready for bed and what time you want to wake up.

A service that changes as you do

We understand that your care requirements may change as your condition improves or deteriorates. As a result, we offer a flexible service that is regularly reviewed and adapted at any time to suit your needs.

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